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Christmas fair, Brno, December 2008

A Christmas fair was held on an exhibition area in Brno in December 2008. We operated a 5" railyard with both steam-operated and electricity-operated locos during this event. Many people, mainly children, wanted to go around, so all locomotives were permanently in use. (With exception in Stephenson's Rockets, that are too small to cary more people than the driver). We invited also an electrical locomotive with our friends from an Austrian club in Strashof.

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Roman's locomotive Andpie is an essential and reliable fixed star of all such actions.

It did a heavy work at this event too.

Jura's Topsy II worked with a very similar enthusiasm ...

Brand new electrical locomotives ... first duty with heavy load. Good work!

The electrical locomotive is quite simple to operate, so that drivers changed time to time.

It was possible to see also the Barbora for some runs. (Barbora is the locomotive, he man nearby is Mr. Bauer - constructor, builder and main driver of the loco.)

Stephenon's Rockets waiting to their opportunity. The brown one is built from a kit by Tom, the yellow one is bought by Roman as a ready made model.

An attmpt to steam up the Rocket. The whole locomotive including a boiler and a grate is really small, so that it is rather an wonderwork to keep it steamed-up and pulling an adult.

So, Tom, well done! Good work! Congratulations!

Enthusiastic and hardy Jirka was able to operate the Rocket around the quite long track. The intensity of firing was well seen on his waistcoat with many small holes burned in. But it had no negative influence to his pleasure of a good steam.

This is a hosting Austrian electrical locomotive.

The triple-tracked yard

A time to relaxation.

Not only relaxation, but energy regeneration as well .

Energy regeneration - everyone chooses the way that suits him best.

Train-dispatchers consultation.

Ticket selling.

It was a good event, wasn't it!?