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Fair "For children" - Brno, March 2009

The fair named "For children" was held in Brno in March 2009. An accompanying programme contained also train runs on both - 45mm and 5" - railyards for pleasure of children as well as their parents.

The 5" track was laid on a gallery of the fair pavilion, that was not very good position because of the air suction (from the gallery to the rest of the pavilion). So that the smoke from our steam locos was conducted to every corner of the pavilion. Tis was the main reason why main workload was taken by electrical locomotives. Nevertheless, there were some time slots for steam operation too.

This event was an excepional especially for our family, because we had the possibility to steam up our new loco named Gromit for the first time.

The 45mm (G-scale) exhibition railyard - moreless exclusively operatedy by the biggest G-steam enthusiast Jirka Kut at this event.

Jirka is preparing the nice RhB loco for the run.

Our 5" steam loco Gromit standing at siding waiting for steaming-up.

Our first steaming-up .

Waiting for the steam.

There was a wire-grid in the chimney. It made an interesting sound effect during steam exhaust, but for heating phase it appeared to be crucial obstructiion. The grid was necessary to remove. The best way is to keep the exhaust way opened.

Three, Two, One, GO !!!

Mr. Pavlicek with his precision remote controlled model.

This austrian handcar got immediate popularity especially among children.

Double-tracked staion with quad-tracked sidings.

Part of presented rolling stock. The green austrian locomotive from Strasshof, our Gromit behind it and the "Racing Mammoth" at the back.

Tom's brand new steam loco Krzenowic - product of Swiss SOB.

Roman's new loco named Ponava. Same model and same provider as Tom's one.

Mr. Prikazky's own construction of steam loco. Inspired by Americans forestry industrial engines. A vertical boiler and a vertical double-cylinder steam engine. Really a fine work. Pleasure to watch it.

Owner, constructor, driver - all of them are steaming up his engine.

Gromit and Ponava.