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Year 2004 or else the improvement near null
Forma na betonové panely
Reusable mold for concrete panels
If we laid plates of rails directly to a terrain, there would be problems with grass and everywhere-presented moles. There's only one way how to come over this problem ... a croncrete bottom layer. You must reinforce the concrete with iron, otherwise the panel will break. I supposed, there will be more than one curve, so I made a reusable mold.
First panel
... and this is the result. Also with edges prepared for welding during the final montage. The concrete gets hard at about one week, so it isn't possible to make more than one per weekend. The original plan consisted of twelve pieces (four per a half-circle).
The thickness of the panels is 4 cm, they're reinforced with 8mm iron and the middleradius of arch is 160 cm (the maximum that was possible to fit in the place).
Další terénní úpravy
Ongoing terrain modifications
Although the ground seemed to be flat and level enough, a newly purchased water level showed, that in the fact the ground is so steep that usual locomotives would have problems to go around. So, it was necessary to level the landscape into a real flatland.
Fortunately, volunteers were found.
první panely
First placed panels
Then it was possible to lay down the first two prepared panels into the right places, where they should finally be.
And that's the end of the railroad-changes in year 2004.