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Year 2003 or else the first steps
Letecký pohled na připravený terén
Birdeye view
An aerial view of the terrain, where the railway will be. In the right-down corner, next to the electric wire, you can see a small area of planed land. From an above wiev it doesn't look like a very sweep land, but it's so. This small area was made by approximately 600 wheelbarrows of clay. All waded manually.
Původní 'projektový záměr'
Original "project"
The first plans consisted of just only one basic oval and two triangles for switching of direction. Viewing the following pictures you will see how it came to end .
První terénní úpravy
First terrain modifications
First works on the ground according to the original idea started in August. However, as you can see - one triangle missing. A first small change. After a half of year . How many changes there will appear until the end?
Říjen 2003
October 2003
Nothing important has changed until the end of year 2003.